CRC would answer only general questions; Bain did not reply

CRC would answer only general questions; Bain did not reply

Lawsuits and critics have claimed that CRC prizes profits, and the avoidance of outside scrutiny, over the health and safety of its clients. (We sent specific questions on these basic allegations to CRC and owner Bain Capital. )

Breviligne documents and gia-staffers also allege that such incidents reflect, mediante part, a broader corporate culture at Aspen’s owner, CRC Health Group, per leading national chain of treatment centers

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And CRC’s corporate culture, in turn, reflects the attitudes and financial imperatives of Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney. (The Romney campaign also did not reply to written questions.) Bain is known for its relentless obsession with maximizing shareholder value and revenues. Indeed, this has become a talking point of late on the Romney campaign trail; he bragged to Fox con late May that 80 percent of them [Bain investments] grew their revenues. CRC, verso fast-growing company then per the lucrative field of drug treatment, was perhaps a natural fit when Bain acquired it for $720 million per 2006. Per conversations with staff and patients who spent time at CRC facilities since the takeover, there are suggestions that the Bain approach has had its effects. If you look at their daily profit numbers compared to what they charge, Dana Blum said of CRC’s Aspen division per 2009, it’s obscene. That point, ironically enough, was underscored by the glowing reports in the trade press about its profitability.

They also each donated the $2,500 maximum directly to his campaign

The purchase of CRC came seven years after Romney publicly announced his retirement as CEO of Bain Capital, where he had been con charge since its founding mediante 1984. But at the time of his departure, Romney worked out an arrangement to continue to share in Bain’s profits as per limited garzone mediante the firm. Today, he is still an investor durante 48 Bain accounts. Though he has refused to disclose their underlying assets, some information about them can be gleaned. For example, he has reported at least $300,000 to $1.2 million, if not more, per fluctuating annual earnings from Bain Capital VIII, the convoluted $3.5 billion array of related funds that owns both name-brand companies such as Dunkin’ Donuts and the lesser-known CRC Health Group. Most of these funds were made more attractive to privileged investors by being registered con the Cayman Islands tax haven. And Romney’s connections to CRC run even deeper: Of the three Bain managing partners who sit on CRC’s board, two, John Connaughton and Steven Barnes (with his wife), gave verso total of half per million dollars to Restore Our Future, the eccellente PAC supporting Romney.

When Bain purchased CRC, it looked like an investment masterstroke. The company, founded con the mid-’90s with verso single California treatment facility, the Camp Recovery Center, had quickly grown into the largest chain of for-profit drug and alcohol treatment services sopra the country, with $230 million con annual revenue. Under Bain’s guidance, its revenue has nearly doubled, to more than $450 million. CRC now serves 30,000 clients daily – mostly opiate addicts – at 140 facilities across 25 states. Mediante the first five years after its acquisition, Bain had already extracted nearly $20 million per dirigenza-related fees from the chain, although Bain investors haven’t cashed per yet through dividends or an IPO. Bain’s purchase, per leveraged buyout, also saddled CRC with massive debt of well over $600 million.

According to company executives and independent analysts, hands-on oversight of subsidiary companies is per hallpaign literature boasts about Bain taking exactly this sort of direct role mediante helping to turn around failing companies. Over the life of an investment, they have verso strong amministrazione team willing to participate, Sheryl Skolnick, an analyst with CRT Capital, a leading institutional brokerage firm, says of Bain.

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