The Dualblader includes Cougar’s UIX program

The Dualblader includes Cougar’s UIX program

Conceptually the Dualblader is an excellent little bit of components. It gives a great level of customization for every gamers and it is built through the floor up for ease of use. After per week of examination, I can say that the style is effective within the real life.

The Dualblader isn’t only about modification. Referring designed with a PMW3380 16,000 DPI optical detector that centers on accurate tracking and reliability. I found it to be easily accurate in most games We threw at it. From DOOM Eternal to Destiny 2, the Dualblader held right up.

The 12 fully automated keys also let myself some innovative options for key mapping. Obtaining extra a€?wing’ switch placements, including, permitted distinctive mapping for chainsaw kills or grenade tosses. Keymapping are a fascinating affair aided by the Dualblader though as, unlike various other mice I’ve worked with, the Dualblader relies entirely from the pc software for mapping.

Actually, all the buttons apart from the major types have to be mapped in the UIX pc software before they are even recognized in a-game. This, in essence, means each online game needs a custom profile for the UIX software to actually have the full efficiency outside of the Dualblader. Fortunately the UIX pc software can save several users although it does seems a little difficult to do business with.

Additionally, though it is a 12 option mouse, never assume all the buttons are actually practical continuously. To clarify, because of the ambidextrous concept some keys being challenging contact centered on which hand you happen to be utilizing to use the mouse. This, in turn, means that no matter what means you hold the mouse you never truly have the complete use of the 12 option build. As a fan of MMO mice like Razer Naga series or RedDragon M901 and M902, it actually was just a bit of a disappointment to lose some of that key usability.


This program was created to manage every aspect of the mouse. Anything from option mapping to RGB shade range is located right here. The application itself is user friendly and manage. Every aspect of the mouse’s controls was personalized here together with previously mentioned custom made profiles enable you to truly region in on what need the mouse to work on a per-game grounds. It really is a relatively straightforward event to make use of but getting hired setup is an additional thing completely.

If you plan on utilising the UIX applications, which I would endorse given that customization alternatives really are big, you will need to make sure you don’t have any anti-virus regimen operating. We ran into a her latest blog concern while wanting to put in the UIX pc software in which it got flagged as malware and mayn’t feel setup.

Also temporarily disabling the anti-virus software or flagging UIX as secured still brought about an error through the install. It was not until I did a full uninstall of my personal anti-virus that I was eventually able to find the UIX system ready to go. Thankfully when set up I happened to be able to reinstall my personal anti-virus and, at the least at the time of the time of authorship, the 2 decided getting along. It’s quite difficult to need to get through higher hoops in order to get UIX ready to go but once run it really works good.

Final Thoughts

The Dualblader video gaming Mouse from Cougar games are a fascinating bit of components. It includes some severe customization and convenience for every player also some wonderful function that’s difficult to get various other rats. A strong and precise sensor coupled with a totally customizable layout assist set it up apart from some other rats around.

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